Light Valve


  • Ultra smooth control knob
  • Functions as dimmer, or valve
  • Multiple power options
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The incredibly versatile, extremely intuitive, and eye-pleasing Light Valve is one indispensable product! With a high quality and ergonomic control knob, this easy-to-use device meets your needs when it comes to dimming the lighting and effects for an entire diorama, or scaling the light effect passing through to all downstream devices.

The Light Valve works as a “Chain Controller” in the PowerCookie Boards ecosystem, that is, any devices connected on a chain to it’s chained control output (CCOut) will receive the same signal. This allows the Light Valve to function two ways:

Dimmer. When connected to devices only through the CCOut, all connected devices are dimmed to the same brightness using the control knob. For example, a string of Ditto’s and Morsel’s chained together are all dimmed the same way, allowing hundreds of LED’s to be dimmed with one controller.

Valve. Any signal coming through the chained control input (CCIn) is scaled by the control knob, the result of which is passed through the CCOut. For example, one Light Valve can act as a master dimmer in a diorama, controlling the brightness of not only Ditto’s and Morsel’s but other Light Valve’s downstream from it, which in turn will control other devices downstream from them.

Power is available through micro-USB power adapters, battery packs, and by sharing power through the G/5V/CC pins. If sharing power and connected to a micro-USB power adapter at the same time, the Light Valve acts as a power distribution point for all connected devices.

Amazing possibilities are opened up with this incredibly versatile and extremely intuitive device. Order today and start enjoying fantastic lighting!


  • Operating voltage: 2.4 to 5.99 volts.
  • Typical current consumption: 0.004 Amps (4mA).
  • Max pass-thru current: 2.2 Amps.
  • Dimensions: 50mm x 16mm x 30mm high, including knob.
  • See manual for mounting holes.

For more information, see the manual: Light_Valve_Manual.pdf

See connection examples in Tips & Info.

Dimensions 50 × 16 × 30 mm