• 6 identical, solderless LED ports
  • Drives LED’s with or without resistors inline
  • CC pin controls dimming
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(Requires a 1.6mm screwdriver for the solderless LED ports, available from PowerCookie Boards.)

Driving many LED’s with precise level lighting can be challenging! The Ditto device makes it easy to manage projects inexpensively and flexibly, connecting with and driving a wide range of low-cost LED’s while providing simple expansion capability.

After connecting to power via a battery pack or another PowerCookie Board device, the Ditto drives all attached LED’s to a signal coming through the Chain Control (CC) pin*. When a signal passes through the CC pin, the Ditto amplifies that signal to each of the 6 LED ports. So if a Light Valve is connected to the Ditto, the Ditto will dim all the LED’s to the control knob on the Light Valve. Or if a Morsel’s LED port is connected to the Ditto’s CC pin, the Ditto will relay the light effect to all attached LED’s. All Ditto devices sharing this signal will display the same exact effect.

See the manual for more information: Ditto_manual.pdf

See connection examples in Tips & Info.

Voltage: 2.4 to 5.99 Volts

DC. Current: 45mA (0.045 Amps) to 180mA (0.18 Amps) with bare LED’s fully on.

Board Size: 15.7mm x 31.8mm.

Height: 12mm.


* In the PowerCookie Boards ecosystem, a “chain” is any number of devices linked together through the G/5V/CC pins using a typical servo cable (female-female).

Dimensions 31.8 × 15.7 × 12 mm