What an amazing time was had at Brickworld 2018! We had a chance to meet quite a few extremely creative builders, all of which blew us away with their exhibits. And we enjoyed sharing our very simple yet captivating demos, both seeing and hearing the response from both the builders and the hundreds of attendees who came up to our display.

NIMCON 7 was great, getting a chance to meet modelers whose passion for the art either payed homage to historical events or explored a history yet to be had! We really enjoyed talking with each of the builders and attendees, hearing how they worked their masterful art, and sharing how lighting may fit into their designs.

Events like these really help us appreciate the art form and the creators in the modeling community. It’s beautiful works like yours that inspire us to make lighting solutions that can enhance your build in ways that mesmerize and draw onlookers into the story!

Stay tuned for August

We’re releasing a new free program that we’ve been developing for the last couple of months that enabled the interactive lighting display we had at Brickworld. We’ll also begin showing how we accomplished the lighting effects at both Brickworld and NIMCON in a series of articles and videos.