• 9 separate LED ports
  • 15 preloaded themes
  • Create and use customizeable themes and effects with free computer apps
  • Scale brightness with the CC pin
  • 2 buttons: select the theme file and dim level
  • Powered by usb adapter, battery, or another device
  • Solderless connections, requires only a screwdriver (included)
  • Comes with 1 Morsel, 1 screwdriver, mounting base with hardware, and Morsel Manual
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The ultimate LED lighting and effects controller in one tasty, bite-sized Morsel! (Disclaimer: We haven’t really tasted it, nor do we recommend you do).

We developed the Morsel because we felt the technology has so much more to offer than what has been available before.  Now modelers can give an entirely new look to their project with effects both exciting and subtle. Built on a blue board measuring just 1.25 inches on a side, it is preloaded with dozens of independent light effects that are grouped into 15 unique project themes. Using the free computer apps Theme Designer and Sequence Composer, you can create, modify, and load your own customized themes and effects into the Morsel through a ComLink.

The “File” button selects a theme. The “Dim” button sets 4 brightness choices: Full, half, quarter, and one-eighth power. Holding a button returns to the first choice. Your choices are remembered the next time it powers up! 

The following video demonstrates the preloaded themes and their effects.

Power the Morsel from widely available USB adapters, battery packs, or by sharing power with chaining cables

The green screw terminals allow LED ports to be connected to the widest range of lighting without restricting you to expensive proprietary choices. It is safe for those not comfortable with soldering, while providing a way for the Morsel to be easily reused for other projects.

Finally, the Chained Control (CC) pin can be connected to a chain controller (such as the Light Valve) to scale the brightness of all the LED’s.

To see the manual and additional information, check out the More about the Morsel page.

See connection examples in Tips & Info.