The free and flexible app Theme Designer (originally released February 2018)received an overhaul today, and we mean overhaul! The new version of the app (codenamed “Dragonfly”) is now even easier to use, and exposes a brand new feature for working with sequences: inputs.

Inputs expose a new depth of effects, allowing sequences to now use the values from other sequence channels and the CC pin, and react accordingly. A new version of Sequence Composer that exposes this new feature will be released within the next week, so stay tuned!

Check out the Theme Designer app page to read more about it and download for free! Also see the Help pages for the app to see more pictures and how to use the app.

Finally, these updates make possible some of the special lighting effects we demonstrated at Brickworld and NIMCON. In the coming weeks, we’ll show exactly how to achieve these lighting effects using the free apps we’re producing. For now, happy lighting!